1. Why should I work out at Integrated Fitness Solutions?
    At Integrated Fitness Solutions, our private training rooms are used exclusively for one-on-one personal training.  We invest a lot of time and effort in building a customized workout and nutritional plan to fit each client’s individual fitness goals.  None of our programs are cookie-cutter. 
  2. How much does it cost?
    Our prices range between mid $50s and mid $70s per session depending on how many sessions a client decides to purchase.  The ultimate price of your package will depend on your current level of fitness and your fitness goals.
  3. What are your qualifications?
    All of our trainers have had extensive schooling in exercise physiology, anatomy, and joint rehabilitation.  They are all highly trained and in most cases they carry more than one personal training certification.
  4. What are the hours at Integrated Fitness Solutions?
    Monday thru Friday: 6 AM – 9 PM
    Saturday: 8 AM – 3 PM
    Sunday: 8am -1:30 PM
  5. What kind of equipment do you have?
    We currently employ cable machines, free weights, smith rack, bench press, leg press, and other dynamic equipment in our workouts. 
  6. What amenities do you offer?
    Our spa environment includes a bathroom and shower with a full line of toiletries available for the convenience of our clients.
  7. Is there a nutritional component to your program?
    At Integrated Fitness Solutions, we believe that good old fashioned exercise and nutrition go together.  We create a specific diet plan for each individual client.  Based on each individual’s fitness goals and medical background we give precise guidance in order to accelerate our client’s results.
  8. What happens if I go out of town?
    When you purchase sessions at Integrated Fitness Solutions, those sessions are held in our systems until you use them.  You don’t, “use it or lose it.”
    More importantly, we will plan a nutrition and exercise program for you to follow while you are out of town so that you don’t undo your progress.  We encourage all of our clients to remain accountable to their new exercise and nutritional plan while they are away.
  9. Are there contracts?
    At Integrated Fitness Solutions, we want to earn our living by getting you to your fitness goals.  There are no contractual obligations or membership fees.
  10. Can I pick my own trainer?
    Our trainers take pride in catering to our client’s schedule.  We work for our clients!  We rotate our clients among all of our trainers so that we are constantly hitting our client’s from different angles.  This constant change in trainers causes muscle confusion in our clients and ensures that they do not plateau.  In addition, rotating among trainers allows you to benefit from their varying experience and keep your workouts fresh and exciting.
    If you find that you enjoy working out with one of our trainers in particular, we will do our best to accommodate requests for future workouts.
  11. Do I get a discount if I refer someone?
  12. Can I bring a friend with me to try it out?
    The more the merrier!  We encourage and challenge anyone to come with a friend or relative to try out our facility. In fact, we often find that our husband/wife or mother/daughter teams do better than individuals because of the support that they provide to each other.
  13. How does Integrated Fitness Solutions get results?
    Integrated Fitness Solutions gets results because of the incredible amount of time, energy, and experience that we invest in each client!  The precise exercise routines, individualized diet plans, and constant fitness testing ensure that our clients are constantly progressing towards their fitness goals.  We track our clients every move to be sure they stay on task.
  14. Are there any guarantees?
    We guarantee that if you follow our program of good old fashioned exercise and nutrition that you will feel better, look better, and have fun changing your life!

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